Village of Clinton

Neighbors Working Together for Progress

Residential and Industrial Growth

During the 1970's the village experienced the most dramatic growth in its history, increasing by 31% from a population of 1,351 in 1970 to a population of 1,723 in 1980.  In response to this growth, both the middle school and the high school were expanded.

Along with residential growth, the community also experienced business and industrial growth.  An industrial development group known as Clinton Projects (which became the Clinton Community Development Corporation) had been organized in 1969 to work with the village board to attract more business and industry to Clinton.  In the early 1970's the village board purchased a 30-acre parcel on the village's southwest side to be used for an industrial park.  The park was expanded in 1978 to 100 acres.

In May, 1971 the Wisconsin Division of Economic Development chose Clinton as the "most improved community" in the state in terms of its percentage of economic growth in a 12-month period.  The prize was a full-page advertisement in the Wall Street Journal on May 19, 1971.  The collaborative efforts of Clinton Projects and the village board, along with the assistance of the Wisconsin Power and Light Company, all contributed to the village receiving this special recognition.

The first company to locate in the industrial park was the DeLong Company.  It renovated the former Bowman Dairy Plant and subsequently added several structures for its liquid fertilizer, chemical, warehousing, and grain storage businesses.  Other companies were Scot Forge in 1975, Custom Welding in 1976, Clinton Veterinary Clinic in 1981, and Shappert Engineering in 1987.  All of these companies expanded in terms of physical plant and number of employees. 

Parks and recreational facilities also expanded during this period.  A shelter and a baseball diamond were added at Lee Park.  Land was donated on the northwest side of Herb Reffue Park so that there was room to add a parking lot.  This area was named the Dallman Gateway Entrance.  Facilities in the park were expanded and improved, and a new athletic complex was constructed next to the high school.  A softball diamond was constructed on land next to the Clinton Town Hall, which is located just west of the village limits.  Lights were added in 1980.

Organizations that formed in the 1970's were the Fencehoppes Snowmobile Club, Fireman's Auxiliary, Home and School Association, Memorial VFW Post 10430, and the VFW Auxilixary.  The Clinton Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program organized in 1979, with the ambulance and trained volunteers operating from the fire department building.  Also, the St. Stephen's Catholic Church organized in 1971 and built a church in 1973.