Village of Clinton

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Snow & Ice Removal

For snow removal purposes the Public Works Department prioritizes streets in the Village by their traffic use: 

  • Streets such as Milwaukee Rd (County Road X, J) and Mill Street (County Road J) are considered to be arterial roadways and are cleared first.  Streets that the schools are located on such as East Street and the Downtown areas are also considered arterial for snow removal purposes and receive priority. 
  • Secondly collector streets such as Westview Avenue or Meadow Park Drive are done. 
  • Finally, residential or local streets and the industrial park are salted/plowed with dead end streets (low use streets) being cleared last. 


It takes the Public Works Department about eight hours to clear the eleven miles of streets and the alleys and parking lots from curb to curb.  Sidewalks are cleared after the streets, alleys and parking lots.