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Election Related FAQ's

Reproduced from a letter sent from the Elections Division of the State of Wisconsin - Government Accountability Board (GAB).


 Election Day Registration

To register on Election Day, the voter needs to have his/her Wisconsin driver's license number, and a document that proves twenty-eight (28) day residence in Clinton, such as a lease or utility bill.  If the voter does not have a valid Wisconsin driver's license, he/she may use the last four digits of the Social Security number.  You must have a valid photo I.D.

 Finding the Polling Place

Voters can only vote at the polling place which corresponds to their residential address.  Locate a polling place by contacting the administration office or checking on the Internet at

Residents of the Village of Clinton vote at the Village Hall located at 301 Cross Street.

Residents of the surrounding towns (even if you have a Clinton mailing address), must vote at your township.

 Election Observers

Election observers are welcome at every polling place, but they must follow the instructions of the chief election inspector, and may not interact with voters.  Rules for election observers are available at the polling place and on the G.A.B. website at  An observer must register immediately with the chief election inspector.

 Ballot Mistakes

Voters who mistakenly mark their ballot may ask for a new ballot.  Voters are allowed no more than three ballots.  In the case of touch-screen voting equipment, the voter will review ballot choices before affirming the final vote.

 Wearing Political Items

Voters are asked not to wear political clothing or paraphernalia to the polling place on Election Day.  The chief election inspector may ask voters who are judged to be electioneering or creating a disturbance to leave the polling place.

 In Line When the Polls Close

Voters who are standing in line waiting to vote when the polling place closes at 8:00 p.m. on Election Day will be permitted to vote.  No one will be able to join the line after the official closing of the polls at 8:00 p.m.

 Photo ID Required?

An unexpired photo ID is required of voters at the polling place on Election Day, but the driver's license number may be used to register to vote or to prove residency if the address on the ID is current.

 Challenging a Voter

There are specific criteria and limitations on challenging a person's eligibility to vote.  The chief election inspector can explain the challenge process and provide the voter and the challenger with explanatory documents.

 News Media Recording

The news media may record the general voting process in the polling place with permission from the chief election inspector, but may not record how any individual voter votes (shooting footage of a ballot, for example) or interrupt the orderly process of voting.