Village of Clinton

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Election Administration

All elections for individuals or legislation effecting the Village of Clinton or the school district, county, state, or federal government are held at the polling place located in the boardroom of Village Hall located at 301 Cross Street.

The polling place is open on election day from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  Individuals who have been a resident of the village for at least ten (10) days prior to the election day are eligible to vote.  Prior to voting, an individual needs to be registered. 

Contact the administration office at 608 676-5304 for voter registration form and/or absentee ballot application.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission website also has the forms.  When you submit a voter registration form, you must submit proof of residence.  When you submit a absentee ballot application, you must submit a photo I.D. 

When you come to the polls on election day, you must bring a photo I.D.

Polling Place

Residents of the Village of Clinton vote in the board room at the Village Hall located at 301 Cross Street.

There is a handicap entrance to the building on the east side off Mill Street.

Residents of the towns, who have a Clinton mailing address, must vote at his/her township.


If you wish to run for a Village office, candidacy forms are available in the administration office at 301 Cross Street.  You may also call 608 676-5304.  You will also find these forms on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website