Village of Clinton

Neighbors Working Together for Progress


The history listed on this site is a brief synopsis of the community's development.  This information was originally compiled in a "Community Resource Guide" from several other sources; listed here:

*Clinton History Notes 1837-1962. Edited by Mrs. Arnold Thompson, Mrs. Alvin Thorson and Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Rust. Published by the Clinton Topper, 1962.

*Clinton Bicentennial Commission. Clinton Bicentennial: 1837-1976. History. Published in 1976.

*Clinton Sesquicentennial Book Committee.  History of Clinton, Wisconsin 1837-1987: 150 Years, A Sesquicentennial Edition. Dallas, Texas: Curtis Media Corporation, 1987.

*Rock County, WI: A New History of ITs Cities, Villages, Towns, Citizens, and Varied Interests. Editor in chief: William Fiske Brown. Chicago: C.F. Cooper and Co., 1908.

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