Village of Clinton

Neighbors Working Together for Progress

Public Improvements and School Expansions

During the 1950's and 60's the community made a variety of public improvements.  Electric street lights were installed in 1950; natural gas service provided in 1956; and the present wastewater treatment plant was constructed in 1957, as was the village garage on Front Street.  The village expanded the wastewater treatment plant twice since that time, as the village expanded both residentially and commercially.

Schools were expanding during this era, too, to meet the changing education needs of the community.  In 1954 the Clinton Community School District was organized, and two of the nearby smaller rural elementary school districts consolidated with the new district.  By 1962 the district included the village of Clinton, the townships of Clinton and Bradford, and portions of Turtle, La Prairie, and Sharon townships.

School consolidation led to the construction of new school buildings, with the erection of the elementary school in 1955 and the high school in 1957.  The former high school was converted into a middle school.

Organizations that formed during this period were the Junior Women's Club, the Jaycees, the Garden Club, and several Homemakers Clubs.  Two groups that were created in the 1940's  were the Dary-Paulson American Legion Post #440 in 1945 and the Legion Auxiliary in 1946.

Public improvements in the 1960's  involved the remodeling of the village hall and the expansion of both the elementary and high schools.  Also, additional land was purchased for Herb Reffue Park; Gert Wolter Park was created on the village's northwest side; and Lee County Park was added to the county park system.  The county park is about three miles south of Clinton and has both recreational facilities and an arboretum for nature study.

Organizations formed during the early 1960's were the Kiwanis Club, the Seniors Citizens Organization, the Betsy Hoyt Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revelution), and the Chamber of Commerce.  In addition the Clinton Area Fire District was created in 1962 to serve the township of Clinton as well as the village, and Bradford township was added the following year.  In 1964 the fire department moved to a building on Mill Street.